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ETS Wound Care

ETS Wound Care

Paul Sutherland

Email Address: paul@midsurgspec.com
Phone Number: 202-251-1815
Website: www.etswoundcare.com

ETS is the new standard of care in tissue solutions; re-defining wound care with MIRRAGEN®, a synthetic, absorbable bioactive glass fiber technology, that minimizes treatment costs and improves patient outcomes.

Urgo Medical

Urgo Medical

Stephanie Corliss

Email Address: stephanie.corliss@us.urgo.com
Phone Number: 443- 966-0686
Website: www.urgomedical.us

Better healing – and living unhindered by wounds – is within reach for patients. Urgo Medical North America is innovating clinically proven products and protocols for the challenges healthcare providers encounter in managing and healing acute, chronic, and surgical wounds, as well as skin moisturization, across the care continuum.

UMNA empowers and equips healthcare professionals to make a difference in their patients’ lives by providing innovative, proven wound care solutions that minimize the pain and burden of wounds and help patients throughout the healing process.