MD Chapter of ACS Leadership

The purpose of the Chapter shall be to endeavor to attain the objectives of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), which include:

  • Elevating the standards of surgery
  • Establishing a standard of competency and character for practitioners of surgery
  • Providing a method of granting membership in the organization
  • Educating the public and the profession to understand that the practice of surgery calls for special training and that a surgeon elected to Fellowship in the College has had such training and is properly qualified to practice surgery

The Chapter is dedicated to:

Executive Council

Jose Diaz


Joseph Sakran


Margaret Lauerman


Nader Hanna


Jonathan Efron

Past President


Jacques Mather


Kyle Remick


Farheen Qurashi


Committee Chairs

David Efron

Chair, Committee on Trauma

Melissa Camp

Chair, Committee on Cancer


Waqas Ahad

YFA Representative

Mira Ghneim

YFA Representative

Alistair Kent

YFA Representative

Shumon Ian Dhar

Associate Representative

Rami Kantar

Resident Representative

Eliza Slama

Resident Representative

Alyson Wells

AWS Representative

Board of Governors

David Efron

Governor at Large

Francis Rotolo

Governor at Large

Theda Kontis

Governor, American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons